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An Extraordinary Gift
No Ordinary Soul...



As a psychic I use my gift to assist law enforcement agencies, the British Royal family and members of the public. You will witness a level of accuracy like no other – be prepared to be shocked at the exceptional display of psychic ability on offer here.

I use tarot to advise on the royal family drama, the macabre and the general public, predicting events with pinpoint accuracy and in crazy detail!

Never before has there been this level of attention directed at our British Royal family and there is barely a day that goes by where they are not in the media, the subject of intense speculation or the centre of a tweet or YouTuber’s videos.

I began reading on the British royal family late 2020 because quite frankly I was appalled by the outrageous treatment of the family by none other than the ex royal’s Harry & Meghan.
Last year we witnessed them giving a shocking interview to Oprah Winfrey – of which the media cited 17 statements made by the pair were factually incorrect.


Here you can find a whole library of videos for you to watch at your leisure on every royal member and possibly every subject, I leave no stone unturned from who is Prince Harrys father, the alleged surrogacy claims to is Meghan a plant in the royal family set out to destroy the oldest dynasties in the world.


"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

There’s another side to my work that involves reviewing cases of abduction, kidnap and murder. I have reviewed hundreds of cases and provided new details to law enforcement agencies. I also review cases on behalf of the public free of charge. I will be reviewing murderers, serial killers, true monsters as well as their many victims. It has so far proved to be both fascinating and terrifying, and so terribly sad in many cases. This is not for the fainted hearted so proceed with caution for you may be distressed by what see or hear.

The Royal's

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