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About Me

I was born a true psychic 3 months prematurely in the North of England in the 70’s. I was raised by working class parents, grew up on an estate and to all intents and purposes I had a normal childhood. I never considered it strange that I felt people around me, that I knew things I shouldn’t of or even sometimes that I heard them despite being profoundly deaf and needed hearing aids. The first time I heard them I was 10 years old. My mother asked me to clean my room, obediently I did so and took the hoover upstairs. I was about to plug it in when I heard a woman’s voice call my name twice – for a split second I was frozen in absolute fear. I was so frightened I ran down the stairs, screaming hysterically. My mother startled and concerned asked what on earth was wrong with me to which I replied ‘the Hoover is talking to me’! Oh yes for a few years I believed it! I still laugh about that incident, a lot of things did not make sense until I got older. I often share these experiences in my videos or you can ask about these directly during the live performances.

My mother bought me my first deck of tarot cards at 12 years old. The rest they say is history. I have used them every single day since totalling 35 years. You will be amazed at what I can do with tarot – I read like no other person. I have no rituals, I don’t use a book, and I break all the rules of tarot. I command my card’s, I make the rules. You can witness this for yourself by observing my interaction with the universe as we work together on a daily basis producing each video, the Universe often likes to show itself through my work. We’ve had beautiful lights appear, unexplained phenomenon and I’m so accurate that I frequently predict the next tarot card I will draw, it takes little effort. When you command extraordinary things, extraordinary things happen. It’s an amazing display of rare talent.  

Image by Viva Luna Studios

Another Side of Me

There is another side to my work that is darker, more serious and dangerous as I review cases of unsolved crime. These include missing children, adults and murder victims whose plight is not yet understood.

Last year little Cleo Smith was abducted whilst on a camping trip. It made headline news across the world. I instantly reviewed the case and concluded that she was still alive, being cared for by a male and female playing happy families and she was still in the area. I lastly pointed out that she would be found and the number 3 would be very important… Yes she was found on the 3rd of the month. Lucky for you that I recorded it and you can find it against other names such as William Tyrell, Madelaine McCann, Summer Wells and many many more.


With over 700 videos under my belt and no less than 300,000 hours watch time, countless Live performances and over a million viewers demonstrate’s just how much you the public really do love my work! Me too - I just love reading for you.

I use a variety of social media platforms to showcase my work just type in BigFatPsychic to Youtube, Instagram, facebook or rumble and you’ll be sure to find me!  The bulk of my work and first to receive my latest content is youtube. You can make real time comments on my youtube channel and I will respond personally. You can also access my exclusive live performances where I read for you and it will not cost you a penny!

So whether your at home with a cuppa, out walking the dog or on your lunch break you’ll always be able to listen to me on any platform you choose.
My readings are not only spot on every time but so much fun too and I am reliably told that I am definitely unique in my delivery style. 


As a born and bred Yorkshire lass I boast colourful language and my viewers can’t get enough of the swear cards. Some viewers have created swear games in my honour sipping alcohol each time I swear. Others only get a drink based on which swear word I use.  Let’s not forget the ones that bet pennies on the number of swear words I use. I’m actually amazed at the creativeness of this. Who’d a thought so much fun could be had based on my colourful language.

If you have no idea of what swear cards are, you must visit my youtube channel and see for yourself.

Tarot Card Deck

You can expect every video to contain inexplicable detail of future events as well as the cracking northern humour that is prevalent throughout!

 These are not just any old tarot readings, they are so much more – not only do my videos entertain you, they provide great insight too. Thanks to your positive energy and its unlimited abundance, I can connect with you to such an extent that you will feel as if I am literally in the same room as you having a conversation.

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