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Here you will find dates and times of my upcoming live performances, where you can receive a free psychic reading completely free!  If you are not ready for a reading you can simply sit back relax and observe my wonderous gift in action or even just say hello.

Image by Edz Norton

Live performances are eagerly awaited by many, spanning 3 different time zones UK, Australia and USA. My audience is worldwide, I advise you to get in early to avoid disappointment. See dates below.

Dates :
3rd & 17th April 2022
1st & 15th May 2022

Time zones :

11.30 am

Washington DC, USA

07.15 pm

London, United Kingdom 

08.15 pm

Canberra, Australia

How do live performances work?

Follow this link to my YouTube channel and click on my video that says live on the date and time above. 

You simply ask a question, be it a loved one that’s passed over or will I get a job I applied for. Ask anything in the comments box and when it’s your turn I will answer you live. I’m pleased to announce that all live performances are recorded and you can access them at your own leisure.
I do not offer private readings and the only way to get one is by attending my live performances. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer you outside of these performances so please don’t be offended if I do not respond. It just means you have missed that session and should try again at the upcoming Live shows.

Live performances.png

BigFatPsychic & Friends

I’m in the process of inviting a few friends over to upload their content here and promote their links so you can always follow your favourite creator should they find themselves having to move platforms. They include high profile social media names who have provided all the latest news and commentary on members Royal family over the last few years. Some have been extensively written about in the mainstream media some more controversial than others.

Watch this space for further details coming soon!

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